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The Shadow Immobiliser is the UK’s first connected immobiliser, allowing you to secure your vehicle with innovative and reliable technology. The Shadow Immobiliser automatically immobilises your vehicle when your ignition is switched off. The Shadow Immobiliser is operated solely through the presence of our  unique Driver Detection Cards, eliminating the need to remobilise the vehicle through manual processes such as sequencing.
The Shadow Immobiliser comes with two Shadow Driver Detection Cards and a USB charging cable.  Should the battery in either of the cards deplete, simply plug into a USB using the charging cable provided and wait 30 minutes for a full charge, or until the green LED light appears on your card. 
In the event that you lose either of your supplied Shadow Driver Detection cards, please contact Global Telemetrics on 0800 279 6401 to purchase new cards. The lost card will be remotely deactivated.. You will be given access to the Shadow Immobiliser Android/Apple app which can be used to disarm your vehicle in the interim period before your new cards are delivered to you.

Unfortunately no the Shadow Immobiliser can’t be transferred to an alternative vehicle. If you require another Shadow Immobiliser please contact your original supplier.

Yes, using intelligent and advanced technology, the Shadow Immobiliser can be fitted to all vehicle types including Classic, Hybrid and Electric vehicles.
Putting the device into “Service Mode” is quick and easy to do via the mobile app. Simply activate Service Mode to enable the vehicle to be driven without the presence of your Shadow Driver Detection Card. Remember to deactivate Service Mode once the vehicle is back in your possession.
The time taken to install a Shadow Immobiliser system can vary depending upon the vehicle type, age and make and model. On average, please allow 2.5 hours for installation to be completed.
Yes, the Shadow Immobiliser can be used as a stand alone security measure, or in conjunction with other security features such as tracking devices or alarm systems.  
The distance for which the Shadow Driver Detection card will need to be from the vehicle in order for the vehicle to start will vary depending on the vehicle type and the installation location of the device within the vehicle. However, the card is required to be within the vehicle, or just outside, to allow the vehicle to start. We recommend keeping your Driver Detection cards within a Faraday Pouch whilst not in use, including your spare cards.
Please allow up to 90 seconds for the Immobiliser to activate once the ignition has been turned off.
We suggest checking that your vehicle battery is fully charged and other common items that cause your vehicle not to start including making sure that your Shadow Driver Detection Cards  are charged and switched on.  If you require any assistance please contact your original installation engineer.
No. The Shadow Immobiliser is a stand alone immobilisation system,, therefore no subscription or ongoing costs are required.
Yes, the Shadow Immobiliser comes with 12 months manufacturer warranty included.
We are not aware of any instances where a vehicle warranty has been voided due to the presence of a Shadow Immobiliser, however, it is always advisable to speak with the manufacturer for confirmation.
As well as the Shadow Driver Detection cards, you will also have access to the Shadow Immobiliser mobile app. Through the mobile app, you can disable the immobilisation, enabling you to lend the car to another driver without having to supply the deactivation cards.
To confirm your vehicle is sold email: [email protected] Please ensure you include your vehicle registration on your email when confirming the sale. PLEASE NOTE: We will only accept emails from your registered email address only.